Service Offerings

Service Offerings

We recognise that when recruiting across areas such as Marketing, HR, Customer Insight and Business Change, it is imperative that the individuals appointed are adding significant value to the position and organisation, be in permanent or contract needs.

In this area of the Industry we recognise that not only can openings be time-bound and business critical, but one can also not afford to hire the wrong person. Clearwater offer Permanent and Contract staffing solutions in this area and work with our clients to put the best recruitment plan in place.

Contingency Recruitment

As a specialist recruitment agency, we offer an efficient contingency search. The Business Solutions market requires a fast paced and highly quality focused process and we can provide just that. Due to a Specialised Resourcing Team with their own individual networks, we are able to directly target suitable candidates.

  • High-speed identification of suitable candidates
  • Constant communication throughout the process
  • Providing circa 2/3 candidates that are on/in the market
  • Candidates screened by a minimum of three consultants prior to submitting

Contract and Interim Staffing Solutions

Contract and Interim solutions has been at the core of Clearwater People Solutions over the last 10 years. All jobs will be fully qualified in-line with proven process, with time-bound deliverables agreed on receipt of the assignment.

Clearwater People Solutions have a dedicated contracts team enabling contractors to be managed and advised on all aspects of their contract. All contractors have access to the team throughout their contract meaning that we are able to manage any issues that may arise accordingly, thus reducing the impact on the client.